Pilates and Integrative Alignment, ELDOA, Hypopressives

Megan Lowe

Megan Lowe has been teaching Pilates apparatus and mat-work through STOTT Pilates for 17 years. She has added the complimentary modalities of ELDOA Level 1 & 2 and level 1 Hypopressives to fully integrate spinal health, and deep, restorative core strength.

Her special interest lies in perinatal rehab (core retraining, diastasis, prolapse and hernia care, etc.), using a combination of the above modalities, as well as somatic movement re-patterning, Body Mind Centering and her own unique approach.

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New Rates for Megan Lowe Pilates based Integrative Movement:

Prices in effect November 1, 2021
1 hour standard session: $90
1 hour duo session: (2 people) $120
3 session introductory package: $235
(3- 1 hour sessions must be used within 4 months of first session)

3 session introductory package (duo) (2 people introductory session: $315
5 session standard package: $395
5 session package (duo): $545
(5- 1 hour sessions must be used within 6 months of first session)
***** All package already purchased will be honoured

Megan’s Story:

Years ago as a young, fit pilates teacher capable of pushing my physical limits, I had a snowboarding accident. It left me in pain, incapable of moving properly, even after months of physio. How could this have happened to me when I thought I had such a strong, developed core?  A co-worker, teacher and mentor helped me recognize that the “hard, muscular strength” that I had developed, was acting as superficial armour.  The tension I carried was hindering my deeper, more interconnected movement and breath. Through this new understanding of pilates and applied movement techniques I was able to heal my chronic pain and restore movement in my body.  It was all at once a disillusioning, humbling and exciting experience that sent me on a journey of curiosity and exploration that continues to this day.

I now move and breathe in a whole new way and feel a fluid integrated sense of self.  I love working with clients to explore their movement experience, healing chronic pain, improving strength or well-being in a somatic, movement journey. Originally trained as an artist  my keen eye and attention to detail I am able to deepen my work with clients.

I often turn to developmental movement re-patterning and primal movement patterns to understand how we are meant to move. I am passionate about helping people understand the workings and alignment of a functioning, moving body. Through understanding how the body moves as a whole we can begin to understand and utilize the function of the deep core and get to the root of  dysfunction and discomfort.

Adding ELDOA’s & Hypopressives along with my other movement practices have been an absolute game changer in my body as well as in my clients bodies The even deeper level of strength, support & freedom of movement is profound and palpable.

Phone: 250 509-1119
Email: Megan@meganlowe.ca