Conference: The Living Body from the Inside Out

This conference will be an exploration of the human body as a whole, developing the interrelationship of connective tissues through the Tensegrity Concept and the deep connection to our environment.

Beginning with an overall view of the fascia structures, we will then discuss and explore the application of the Tensegrity Concept to the human body, from the tissue structure to a cellular level.

To conclude, we will open our minds to the Epigenetic Theory, understanding how deeply we are connected to our environment.

Before the q&a we will include a short standing meditation sequence with Contemporary Dancer, Amanda Papailhau to experiment and integrate the evenings information somatically.

Friday, October 20th at 6:30pm
Santé Holistic Health Centre.
350 Baker Street, Nelson, B.C.

Conference with Sébastien Papailhau
Manual Osteopathic Practitioner BCO
Head of the Visceral Department Institut D’Osteopathie de Rennes, France 2011-2015

To register, contact Amanda Papailhau at 250 505 4233 or
$40. Space is limited and will fill up quickly.