Pilates and Integrative Alignment, ELDOA, Hypopressives

Megan Lowe
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Megan has dedicated herself to training in some of the most highly regarded, often cutting edge techniques recognized within the health and performance fields.

She is unique in her knowledge and approach, working with the body as 3-dimensional & interconnected through fascia as well as muscles, following the tensegrity approach to bring about a harmonious balance which allows for the utmost health & function.
The exercise therapy she uses addresses the complex interconnectivity of the body as a whole. Helping with recovery from injury, chronic pain, injury prevention, perinatal rehab, performance, as well as better awareness and overall functional health.
With over 18 years experience as a trained pilates and movement instructor Megan utilizes a range of anatomically based tools, methods and approaches with training in, but not limited to:
ELDOA: a set of specific postures which work to increase the articulated space between joints to bring about a range a health benefits.
Myofascial stretching: exercises that work to correct soft tissue imbalances throughout the body. More than just muscle stretching, we consider each muscle in relation to one another creating a musclular chain via the fasciae. The goal being to correct imbalances, create space, release tension in the tissues, better joint mobility and posture which all lead to greater, pain free movement.
Pilates: Megan uses various pilates exercises or principles as a way to address specific, precise muscle function and begin to link them in together in movement or posture. Trained in all levels of pilates and equipment these movements (& equipment) integrate themselves into my unique, varies approach. 
Hypopressives: A core restoration and maintenance program that takes a full body approach to core and pelvic health.

Click here for Megan’s online video platform!  Enjoy 1 free trial class as well as a free intro to ELDOA and an intro to Hypopressives to discover these effective modalities from the comfort of your living room.

Rates for private sessions:


1 hour standard session: $90
1 hour duo session: (2 people) $120
3 session introductory package: $235
(3- 1 hour sessions must be used within 3 months of first session)


3 session introductory package (duo) (2 people introductory session: $315
5 session standard package: $395
5 session package (duo): $545
(5- 1 hour sessions must be used within 6 months of first session)


Book: https://sante.janeapp.com Please feel free to add yourself to the cancellation list to get in sooner.

Phone: 250 509-1119

Email: Megan@meganlowe.ca