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Shana MacDonald

What to Expect

Shana uses a holistic, trauma-informed treatment modality that focuses on somatic (body) processing, nervous system regulation and re-patterning, and creating a healthy relationship to self. Her approach helps you connect to the intelligence in the body and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that you are facing. By slowing down and listening to the knowing within, you will experience new ways of connecting to the sensations in your body, developing understanding of your subconscious responses, and releasing internalized stress.

You will come to understand the different parts of yourself, how they came to be, and how they are impacting your lived experience. You will be guided to find ways to support these, often wounded, parts of yourself. This in turn creates a new type of relationship to self where you can turn towards your challenges rather than away from them. This practice peels back the layers that have been created by life experiences, and helps you find the truth of who you are. 

At the end of the session, your experiences and insights are discussed and are used to develop self-care practices.  After several treatments and the implementation of self-care strategies, you will develop awareness of your stress responses, learn how to calm your nervous system, and build resilience.

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Benefits of this Therapy

  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Relaxation of muscle tension
  • Regulation of the nervous system
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Processing of traumatic experiences
  • Improved mood and clarity
  • Self-care practices
  • Acute and chronic pain support
  • Improved resilience and stress response
  • Activation of the body’s innate healing mechanisms

Education & Training

Shana MacDonald has been training and working in this field since 2017. She has extensive training including: 

  • Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Certificate, Langara College (2017) 
  • Strategic Resilience for First Responders, Langara College (2018)
  • Compassionate Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Mate (2019)
  • Somatic Relational Therapy, Opening to Grace (2020) 
  • Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Orca Institute (2021) 
  • Internal Family Systems Informed Practitioner (2023)

Shana is also a certified Early Childhood Educator (Selkirk College, 2014). This education fostered an interest in early childhood trauma and the impact trauma has on health.


Free 15 minute info sessions are available for new clients

1-hour session $100

1.5-hour session $120

2-hour session $140

*Note: low income/ student prices are available

Contact Information

Contact Shana by text or email to book a free 15 min info session or to schedule a treatment.


Shana is a very sweet and gentle soul who’s gifted at holding space and creating safety with her unique offerings of somatics and energy healing. Her approach is curious, spacious and inviting. I’ve been able to process and integrate deep aspects of myself while working with her, and highly recommend her as a practitioner.”

Marie Zak, Somatic Therapist and Registered Herbal Therapist, Nelson, BC

“Very healing and helpful session with Shana. A whole new experience for me. Very powerful.”  

Laura Jameson, First Nations Health Coordinator, Consultant and Social Worker,  Mable Lake, BC

“Shana’s grounded and calming presence is so valuable when receiving a treatment from her.  Her passion for healing work is evident in her energy medicine practices. Her ability to both give support and provide you with the tools to look within yourself fosters the development of spiritual healing and self work that is needed for personal growth. Her background in child development and supporting families is also beneficial when giving somatic, energy healing, or counselling sessions for mothers, fathers, and caregivers – those who can often feel like their energy is drained or they are overwhelmed by their roles.  Thank you, Shana!”

Heather Paterson, Forestry Consulting Entrepreneur and Mother, Nelson, BC

“Through the sessions I have had with Shana, I am now able to meet and recognize the anxieties in my body and I have come to a practise that provides me release and quiet.”

Linda Denning, Accountant (retired), Vancouver, BC

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